The following courses are offered for the Moderate Intellectually Disabled class:
    1)  Access to Literature 
    2)  Access to Mathematics
    3)  Access to Science 
    4)  Access to Social Studies
    5)  Access to Basic Reading/Writing 
    6)  Access to Workplace Readiness
    7)  Access to Community Service
    We participate in Community Based Instruction 2 times per month.
    We particpate in Community Based Vocational Instruction weekly. Juniors may train at jobsites 1 time per week; seniors may train at jobsites 2 times per week. This school year, 2017-2018, we will participate in job training at the Hampton Inn Motel, Katia's Kloset, Food Depot and Walgreens. The purpose of job training is to prepare our students for employment after graduation from high school. 
    We use a  curriculum that has been designed especially for our low-incidence population, those students with the most significant disabilities.  The curriculum is offered by Unique Learning Systems.  It is a complete curriculum, and Henry County Schools Special Education Department was one of the first school systems to use thi new curriculum.  The authors have special education backgrounds and have written a school-year's worth of lessons for their curriculum. Each month, the focus of study changes.  The curriculum is aligned with Georgia Performance Standards.


Last Modified on September 8, 2017