• Frequently Asked Questions about Golden Eagle Athletics
    What sports are offered at Eagle's Landing High School (click on the name to be taken to that sport's web page)
    Who does Eagle's Landing compete against?
    Eagle's Landing High School competes in the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) and fields varsity teams in the sports listed above. We also field junior varsity and 9th grade teams depending on the numbers in each program. The Georgia High School association divides schools into 7 different classifications (A, AA, AAA, AAAA, AAAAA, AAAAAA, AAAAAAA) based on school size and each classification is divided into smaller regions.  Eagle's Landing is in the AAAAA classification, region 4. Schools in our region are:
    Locust Grove, Stockbridge, Woodland, Jones County, Ola, Union Grove, Dutchtown, and Hampton.
    What are the eligibility requirements at Eagle's Landing High School for Athletics?
    • Each student takes up to 7 classes a day here at Eagle's Landing High School
    • To participate in athletics, they MUST pass 2.5 units or 5 classes to be eligible
    • Also, you must have the correct number of total units accumulated throughout your high school career:
      • Entering 9th: All are eligible, must pass at least 2.5 units 1st semester to be eligible for 2nd semester.
      • Entering 10th: 5 Units, must pass at least 2.5 units 1st semester to be eligible for 2nd semester.
      • Entering 11th: 10 Units (2010-2011: 11 Units), must pass at least 2.5 units 1st semester to be eligible for 2nd semester.
      • Entering 12th: 16 Units ( 2011-2012: 17 Units), must pass at least 2.5 units 1st semester to be eligible for 2nd semester.
    How do I try out for a team at Eagle's Landing High School?
    Each student athlete must have ALL of the following on file in order to try out for a team. Contact the head coach of the sport you are interested in for more information.
    2. Insurance/Consent form completely filled out.
    3. HCBOE Code of Conduct form filled out
    4. Be acacemically eligible (see above)
    What is the varsity lettering policy and how do I buy letter jackets?
    The Head Coach of each sport establishes the criteria to letter in that sport. Our supplier of letter jackets is NEFF. The NEFF representative comes to Eagle's Landing High School twice a year to do letter jacket fittings and take orders.
    Are there costs associated with Eagle's Landing athletics?
    Most sports do have costs associated with them. In most cases there are numerous fund raising chances for the student/athlete to off set these costs.  Each sport depends on these fees and fund raising by the student/athletes and booster clubs to pay the costs associated with each sport. 
    What is the Activity Fee?
    It is a $40 fee that must be paid by each student/athlete at Eagle's Landing High School. The fee covers costs associated with running the athletic department due to declines in gate revenue and increases in expenses.
    What is done with the gate money from game admissions?
    The athletic director pays for transportation, security, gate keepers, officials, awards and other miscellenous athletic department expenses.
    How does my son/daughter make an Eagle's Landing High School Athletic team?
    Most sports hold formal tryouts. Each student/athlete is evaluated on numerous criteria. This criteria includes both athletic performance, academic performance, attitude and any other benchmarks set forth by the head coach of that sport.
    If my son/daughter makes an Eagle's Landing High School athletic team, does that ensure that he or she will get to play in every game?
    Our philosophy here at Eagle's Landing High School is that athletes earn the privelage to play in the game by attendance at practices, effort at practice, the attitude that they portray daily on and off the field of play. The amount of playing time is soley up to the coach and is determined by their evaluation of each athlete's progress and the criteria mentioned above.
    If I want to meet with a head coach about my child, when is the best time to do it?
    We always encourage a parent to communicate with the head coaches via e-mail or telephone and setting up a meeting. E-mail often works best because all of our head coaches teach during the school day. It is athletic department policy to discourage meeting with parents during and after games or practices.
    What policies are in place with transportation?
    We do not take buses on the weekends to in-county contests. For out of county contests we normally will schedule a bus.
Last Modified on March 29, 2018