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    Welcome to the ELHS Band Booster Page. The ELHS Band Booster is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our purpose is to raise funds and support the band program. This page is designed to inform parents about the band booster club activities including colorguard.
    Contact our parents at: elhsbandbooster@gmail.com

    ELHS Band Booster Officers
    Co Presidents: Tamika Hunt & Helen Plath
    Vice President: Monique Smith-Bell
    Treasurer: Theresa Yates

    The following is the policy on student accounts.  As you enter into the band program at Eagle's Landing your student will be given a student account. This account is maintained by the Band Booster's Treasurer. After each fundraising event listed, you will find an amount paid, this is what will be deposited into your band members account. We encourage 100% participation in all fundraising events for not only does this develop unity within the band, but will help in raising the band members individual account balance. The funds in these accounts can only be used for band related fees to include yearly band fees, spring trip, uniform items, instrument rental fees. When using these funds to pay for these items, your band member may fill out a yellow transfer sheet located in the band directors office or print one from this website and submit it to the Band Director. This sheet will be given to the Booster Treasurer and proper credit will be given. Student account updated spread sheets are given out at all Band Booster club meetings.
    How does your student receives money into their account?
    We do not receive any money from the county to run the band program, so we rely on fundraising for everything we do. That is why we ask for 100% participation in all fundraising events. Below you will see the fundraising events we have scheduled for the upcomming band season. Each event has an explanation of the type of fundraiser it is and how much your student will receive into there student account if they sell the minimum amount. We have it set up that if your student sells the minimum from each event and has someone volunteer for them in the concession stand they should have enough money to pay for their band fees. This is excluding the freshmen coming into the program.


    Concession Stand: This is organized by the Booster Club.

    Action Plan: The Boosters need parents to volunteer in working all home games.

    Amount Paid: 20% of net sales will be divided amongst workers for that night's game.


    Concession Stand Example:

    $         600.00 Expenditures

    $      1,600.00 Made from sales for one night


    $      1,000.00 Profit

    $        200.00 20% of profit



    $ 200.00 Divided by number of workers -20 workers (example)

    Each student would receive $10 per each person worked for that student that night.


    Student: Jane Doe

    If Mom, Dad worked, Jane Doe would receive $ 20 into her band account.

    Band Booster Payment Policy
    The Band Boosters will accept payments in cash or personnal checks made out to Eagle's Landing Band Boosters. If you have written a check to the Band Boosters and that check was returned, we will no longer except your check. You will need to pay ALL fees in cash. You will be notified by the Treasurer by mail or e-mail if this pertains to you.
    Past Due Balances
    If you have a past due balance owed to the Band Boosters, what ever monies we receive from you will be applied to the past due balance first. After the past due balance has been taken out of the negative status, then the monies will be applied in a positive way to the student account.
    If you have any question about this policy please feel free to contact the Band Booster President or Treasurer.

    We look forward to a great band season this year. If you have any question, please contact us.

                                                       -ELHS Band Boosters
















Last Modified on July 25, 2018