• Career Development Events in the FFA
    Below is every CDE that is offered in the FFA, most of these the chapter will compete in.  As you will see below, the FFA has a little something for everyone.
    Agricultural Communications
    This CDE is designed to challenge students knowledge of the communications industry. Students sit through a mock press conference and then must write a news story and press release, prepare a radio broadcast and develop a graphic design. All 4 team members must then take a quiz over the industry and take an editing test.
    Ag. Issues Forum
    In this competition 3-7 members are presented with an agriculture issue. The team must then deliver a presentation that discusses the pros and cons and must be able to defend their standings and answer judges questions. 
    Ag. Mechanics
    This CDE tests the technical and agricultural mechanics of a member. They must demonstrate problem-solving skills and hands-on performance skills with machinery and equipment systems.
    Ag. Sales
    This CDE requires a team of 4 members to present a project summary and make a sales presentation for an agricultural product. The team must also take a 50-question test and solve a marketing analysis problem.
    Creed Speaking
    This contest is open to 7-9 grade members. One member must memorize and recite the FFA creed and answer questions about its meaning and purpose.
    Dairy Cattle Evaluation 
    This CDE consist of a 4 person team and requires members to evaluate dairy cattle. Members must judge several classes, give oral reasons for their placing and take a written exam.
    Environmental and Natural Resources
    This CDE will test a teams knowledge, presentation skills and problem solving skills in the area of environmental and natural resources. The team is presented with certain resource issues and must analyze them.
    This contest challenges members knowledge of the environment. The team consist of 6 members who each specialize in a different area. The areas are: Wildlife, soil, water, forestry and special topic.
    Extemporaneous Public Speaking
    This CDE challenges one member to write and prepare to give a speech in 30 minutes. The member will draw 3 out of 12 pre-assigned topic and chose one to write their speech over. They are then asked questions afterwards that relate to their topic.
    Farm Business Management
    This CDE requires a team of 4 members to complete an exam and solve farm analysis problems. Members must have management skills and be able to apply economic principles to succeed at the contest.
    This CDE will test a teams ability to identify over 100 plants and over 30 plant disorders. The 4 person team must take a test, identify the plants and disorders.
    The forestry CDE team consist of 10 areas and 11 members. The 10 areas consist of tree identification, compass, timber cruising, forest management, silviculture and a written exam.
    Horse Evaluation
    In this CDE a team made of 4 members must evaluate and place different classes of horses based on breed characteristics and performance. The members must also take a written test and give oral reasoning to defend their placings.
    Job Interview
    This CDE requires one member to create and submit a resume for the job of their choice. They must then sit through an interview with a panel of judges acting as their possible employers.
    Livestock Judging
    This CDE tests a team's knowledge of cattle, sheep and swine. The 4 person team must place various classes and give oral reasons defending their placings. They also have a keep/cull class and must be able to analyze classes based on breeding records.
    Marketing Plan
    This CDE consist of a team made of 3 members. The team must present a marketing plan promoting an agriculture product and answer judges questions after.
    Nursery and Landscape
    This CDE will test a teams knowledge of how to produce, market and maintain landscaping. The 4 person team must also take a written test, identify equipment and interpret landscape plans.
    Parliamentary Procedure
    This CDE has a 6 member team. The team must demonstrate full understanding of all parliamentary laws by taking a written exam and conducting a mock chapter meeting.
    Poultry Evaluation
    This CDE requires a team of 4 members to evaluate the animals, identify parts and take a written exam. Members must also place the classes and give oral reasoning on their placings.
    Prepared Public Speaking
    In this CDE a member is required to write and deliver a 6-8 minute speech completely from memory. The speech must be over an agricultural topic and the member must be able to answer questions afterwards about their speech.
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