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    Welcome to the Eagle's Landing High School Mathematics Page. We desire for every student to experience success in their mathematics career. We realize that this will require a lot of hard work on the part of parents, students, and teachers. Students should spend at least 30 minutes each night working on homework, reviewing what was presented in class, and/or preparing for future assessments.

    Our teachers use Google Classroom along with different Google Tools such as drive, docs, sites, slides, and forms to provide student resources and enhance learning.

    Our teachers use Google Classroom along with different Google Tools such as drive, docs, sites, and slides and forms to provide student resources and enhance learning. You will need to visit the webpage of the individual teacher(s) your students has (have) to access these resources. In some cases you will need to contact the teacher to get the information to allow you to access the materials needed to support your child's academic journey. 

    All teachers will be available via email throughout the day and will be responding to emails during the normal working hours of 7:45 AM - 3:45 PM, unless they have a meeting, and will respond as soon as they are able. Please help your student stay on track of their learning. 

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    Stay Safe and healthy!

    Students are encouraged to take advantage of before and after school tutoring offered by teachers to assist them in grasping the concepts presented in class. Please go to your students' teacher page for more information on their tutoring schedule. In addition, there are numerous online resources that will be referenced in class and are linked on this site. Various classes will be using the online HMH textbook. The Henry County Schools Mathematics Page has links to useful Mathematics apps and learning videos. 
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    Georgia Standards of Excellence for Mathematics can be found at www.GeorgiaStandards.Org

    Henry County Schools Mathematics Page.  

    Student achievement may be monitored on Infinite Campus and is updated regularly as set forth by Henry County Schools. If you have questions concerning your child's math class or performance in their math class, please use the links below to go to the webpage of your child's teacher and send them an email. If you have questions regarding the Mathematics Curriculum you may contact your child's teacher or the department chairs.
    Below is a list of the math teachers at Eagle's Landing High School, what they teach, and the extracurricular activities for which they are responsible. 

    Mathematics Instructors

    Courses Taught


    Christopher Chow
    Room 608



    Tyrone Jamison
    Room 618

    Algebra I                                                        Geometry


    Stephanie Corcho Fraser
    Room 705

    Algebra I

    Math Department Chair 
    Freshman Class Sponsor
    Key Club

    Julie Harrison
    Room 407

    Honors Pre-Calculus
    AP Calculus AB
    AP Calculus BC


    Amanda Kuhne
    Room 606

    Honors Algebra II
    Algebra II


    Ashley Mitchell
    Room 422

    Algebra II                                   
    AP Statistics

    Math Team
    Mu Alpha Theta

    Heather Lowe
    Room 715

    Algebra I

     Freshman Class Sponsor

    Karen Rampersad
    Room 610

    Algebra II


    Keldric Glass
    Room 719

    Foundations of Algebra


    Deandre Robinson
    Room 504


    Flag Football                                         

    Boys Soccer

    MItchell Graves
    Room 614

    Honors Geometry

    Academic Team

    Exceptional Student Education Mathematics Instructors 

    Courses Taught


    Daniel Turner
    Room 725

    Geometry                                                     Algebra II



    Christie Dorsey


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