new student registration  





    In order for a student to be enrolled, the following criteria need to be met:


    • A biological parent or legal guardian must accompany a student. (Guardianship papers must be presented at time of registration.)  All students under the age of eighteen must live with a parent or legal guardian within the Eagle’s Landing High School district, unless identified as an unaccompanied youth via McKinney-Vento.
    • Proof of residency is a county requirement.  The property address given must be the actual location where the student and parent/guardian live full time.  A parent/guardian who owns property in the county, but does not reside in the county is not considered a resident for the purpose of this policy.  Proof is:
    A lease or rental agreement consisting of written evidence that the agreement is valid and current and one current gas or electric bill ONLY. 
    A property tax statement or home ownership title (property deed, warranty deed, quitclaim deed, or security deed), and one current gas or electric bill ONLY.
    ALL Residency Records MUST include the name and street address of the parent/guardian.        



    A parent/guardian who resides full time in Henry County, but is unable to provide the records listed above, may complete a Henry County Schools Affidavit of Residency.  The affidavit shall be completed and signed by the parent/guardian, as well as the legal owner or lesser of the property where the student and parent/guardian reside.  The affidavit will be in effect until the parent/guardian provides the required proof of residence, but no longer than the end of the school year.  This affidavit is completed at the offices of the Henry County Board of Education located at 396 Tomlinson Street in McDonough.

    • Copy of social security card
    • A copy of a student’s disciplinary record must also be provided.  If there is no record, a statement must be provided stating there is none.
    • A copy of immunizations and hearing/dental/vision screening on Georgia form must be provided.  These may be obtained at any health department or through a family doctor.  (If not provided within thirty days, the student/s will be withdrawn.) 
    • A withdrawal form from the previous school is required.
    • A copy of an unofficial transcript for juniors and seniors is required in order to make a proper placement in classes.  If one is not available, the student will be placed tentatively into classes.
    • If the student is a special education student, an IEP from the former school is necessary to place the student in appropriate classes upon enrolling. We also need to know if your child receives ESOL services.



    Students and their parents/guardians are expected to be full-time Henry County residents for the entire period of enrollment in Henry County Schools.



    A twenty-four hour notice is required for any withdrawal.  Please contact Mrs. Williams in the counseling office at 770-954-9515 ext. 118 twenty-four hours before the withdrawal is needed.  The parent/guardian's signature needs to be obtained to complete the  withdrawal process*.  A sealed withdrawal packet will be given to the student to take to their new school.   
    Students must turn in all books on their last day present at school.  Students who attend school their last day will carry a withdrawal form around to their teachers for grades and book clearance.  All books must be turned in to the teachers and/or counseling office.   If there is no clearance, the withdrawal form will be held until obligations are cleared.  If the student is not in attendance, books will be collected from the parent and the withdrawal form will be held until signatures may be obtained.  Records will be held until all obligations are cleared. 
    *A written note from a parent will also be accepted.  The counseling office will verify via phone call to the parent/guardian.