Medieval Chess set

    Games for Large Groups

    Apples to Apples

    This Mattel game encourages students to use critical thinking as they compare and evaluate which word best fits into a given category. There is a junior version for elementary students; the regular version is fine for gifted secondary students. The game offers definitions for words, and the whole class can play at once. The game is also time flexible and offers multiple playing options.

    Catch Phrase

    This game is perfect for the whole family; it encourages fluent thinking and vocabulary connections. Catch Phrase Junior is perfect for elementary students; the regular version is an appropriate challenge for middle school and junior high students. The game is passed around as everyone sits in a circle.  They have to fill in a phrase by reading the machine, which also keeps score of the game.

    The Worst Case Scenario Game

    University Games offers a trivia style game that is perfect for the whole family.  Out of the box, it is appropriate for secondary students, but parents will need to filter the questions for elementary students. The game could be played in teams, quiz bowl style..

    Games for Pairs or Small Groups



    Chess is the classic game for gifted students of all ages. The game involves strategy, risk-taking, and patience. For students who are new to the game or if there is a serious time constraint, there are different versions of chess, such as No Stress Chess by Winning Moves, to help explain the rules and make the game more simple.


    Cranium is the company to go to for games for gifted kids. Cadoo is extremely popular and allows small groups of kids a chance to draw, act, show off some knowledge, and sculpt with clay. It is a time flexible game because students can play as long as they want to play. It is best played in small groups because there is such a variety of activities that everyone wants a chance to play. It is perfect for all ages of students who can read.