• Inventors’ Workshop

    The Inventors’ Workshop is designed to allow students to put into practice their ideas for inventiveness and creativity. During this time, we will be discussing various inventors and their inventions. This assignment will be due the week of January 24 so the students have plenty of time to complete it. I want them to enjoy putting their ideas into practice with this Workshop.

    The process will involve the following:

      • Students will tell the teacher what kind of invention they have in mind. This sheet is being given to them in class early enough so that they might begin thinking of their invention.
      • Students will keep a journal or log from the beginning of the process to their finished product.
      • Students will keep a journal on what they did to change the invention to adapt to their changing futuristic ideas. An entry should be put on paper each time they work on their invention. 
      • Students will also create a science board to show the process it took to make their invention.   A bibliography (reference) page will need to be added to complete the assignment.
      • Students will bring their inventions to class to demonstrate their uses and tell how the inventions will change people's lives the week of January 24.
      • Should students want to have their inventions patented, the U.S. Office of Government Patents will be able to answer all of your questions. A link to their web site will be available on our class web site, which is as follows: http://www.uspto.gov/patft/.

    This may be the only chance your child will get to create something that can be patented during their school years. Good luck and thank you!