Space Man on the moon

    The Moslem- Al Mamon, founded the first school of Astronomy in Baghdad (AD 810)

    The Moslem- Al-Sufi, made the first recorded star map and star catalogue (AD 900)

    The Chinese and Native Americans- Recorded the supernova in Taurus (AD 1000)

    The Polish- Copernicus, published his books about the structure of the solar system in the 1540s.

    The Danish- Tycho Brahe, founded the first astronomy report station in 1550.

    The Italian- Galileo, made the first telescope for use in the field of astronomy (telescopes were in use before this) 1600.

    The American- Percival Lowell, founded Mars Hill in Arizona to observe Mars in the 1890s.

    The New Yorkian- Carl Sagan, teaches children and adults the wonders of the Cosmos (1950s to 1990s)