• Creating and Posting Student Web pages Using Word and SchoolWires

    Students do this:

    1. Open Microsoft Word and create the content that is appropriate for a webpage.

    2. Go to File; Save As

    3. Choose “Single File Web Page” under

    Save As Type

    4. Choose a folder and save the file into the folder.

    Teachers Do this

    1. Open SchoolWires

    2. Login to your teacher webpage

    3. Click “

    Site Manager

    4. Open a page that you wish to link the Student web pages to

    5. In the area that you edit the page, click in the white space where you want the link.

    6. Click the paper clip symbol in the menu area.

    7. Choose “

    Select a New File from My Computer or network…”

    8. Browse for the Single File webpage

    9. Click

    Open, Next

    10. Give the file a name in the box next to “Link text”. This will be the name that people

    click on to access the student webpage.

    11. Next to Target choose “

    Open in New window”.

    12. Click

    Insert File.

    13. Save the page

    14. The file should be available on your teacher webpage

    Please note that all student web pages should be checked for grammar and spelling as well as

    be directly related to standards based learning