• What is the mission, vision, and beliefs of the counseling program at Fairview Elementary?

    Mission Statement:

    The mission of Fairview Elementary School’s Counseling Program is to provide all students with a comprehensive, developmental guidance and counseling program through the ASCA Model. The program is centered on connecting curriculum and services that support the highest level of achievement and success through student growth in academic, social-emotional, and career competencies. As the student advocate, the school counselor partners with other educators, parents, and community members to create a caring environment in which all students may become responsible learners and decision-makers as they prepare for the future.

    Vision Statement:

    The Fairview Elementary School Counseling Department’s vision is to create empowered, goal-oriented future leaders of society. As successful, life long learners and productive citizens, our students achieve their fullest potential, making a positive difference in our school and community.

    The School Counselor believes:

    • All students have the right to participate and have access to a comprehensive school counseling program planned, managed and delivered by a masters-leveled (or above) school counselor.
    • School counselors must be leaders, advocates, and collaborators who create equitable access to rigorous curriculum and opportunities for self-directed personal growth for every student.
    • All school counseling programs should be data-driven and goal-oriented.
    • Applying ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors empowers school counselors to make decisions based on the highest moral principals to promote the maximum development of every student.