Health and Physical Education
    Report Card Information


    Henry County Schools 2021-2022 Report Card Information 

    Student Learning Guide Health and Physical Education Kindergarten-Fifth Grades

    Students should know and be able to demonstrate their understanding of performance-based standards and skills as outlined in the Henry Teaching and Learning Standards. Students will:

    • Develop questions and understand data related to health and P.E. topics
    • Identify the benefits of and make decisions about healthy behaviors
    • Examine current health topics and set and explain their health goals
    • Actively participate in physical education activities

    Grading Scales

    Students will be evaluated on three scales that reflect the implementation of standards and varies depending on the grade level of the student.

    Kindergarten-4th Grades: Students will have their progress monitored towards mastery of the standards on a report card using the performance levels and accompanying grading scales defined as follows:

    EX-Exemplary:  Demonstrates broad in-depth skill/concept development that most often exceeds grade level standards (90-100)
    PR-Proficient:  Demonstrates skill/concept development that meets grade level standards (80-89)
    AP-Approaching:  Demonstrates skill/concept development that is beginning to meet grade level standards (74-79)
    LP-Limited Progress:  Demonstrates skill/concept below grade level standards (70-73)

    IP-Insufficient Progress:  Demonstrates skill/concept that is significantly below grade level standards (Below 70)

    5th Grade grading scale in health/physical education are reported as follows:

    0-Critical Need     1-Emerging     2-Progressing     3-Meets     4-Exceeds


    Elementary Specials Grading | Teacher Scoring Guide




    Approaching (AP)

    Limited Progress(LP)

    Insufficient Progress (IP)

    Health and

    Physical Education

    Consistently and independently demonstrates above grade level mastery of Physical Education standards (HTLS). 


    Above or beyond the scope of grade level expectations.

    Demonstrates grade level mastery when engaging in Physical Education standards (HTLS). 


    With limited assistance and or prompting and consistent involvement meeting grade level expectations.

    Approaching the concepts of Physical Education standards (HTLS). 


    With assistance and/or inconsistent accuracy and sporadic involvement with inconsistency meeting grade level expectations.

    Limited progress toward participation in class discussions and activities related to Physical Education standards (HTLS). 


    With substantial assistance and/or prompting, limited progress that does not meet the level of grade level expectations.

    Insufficient progress toward participation in class discussions and activities related to Physical Education standards (HTLS). 


    With substantial assistance and/or prompting, insufficient progress that is significantly below grade level expectations.

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    Coach Watkins



    What We Learn: Georgia Standards of Excellence in Physical Education