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    Greg Shook - Athletic Director
    Athletic Director: Greg Shook
    Email: gregory.shook@henry.k12.ga.us
                Phone: 470-615-3450 

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    Hello, My name is Greg Shook and I am proud to serve as the very first Athletic Director for McDonough High School. Although I served as Athletic Director at Henry County High, it is my honor to be here at McDonough High. Henry County has been known for it's outstanding athletic directors over the past with great people such as Chuck Miller, Carl Caputa & Jason Harris to name just a few. It is my deisre to continue this tradition that Henry County High School established here at McDonough High by working continually for all of our stakeholders involved. 
    As the athletic director at McDonough High School, it is my goal to ensure the success of our student athletes not only on the playing field & courts but also within the classroom. The dynamics of athletes has continued to change over the past several years and McDonough High School believes in keeping-up with that change. 
    It is our belief that athletic success has a direct relationship to academic success and we here at McDonough High School are working to ensure this relationship is cultured. We strive to foster a relationship between our athletes, faculity, staff, parents and community through outreach programs allowing all stakeholders to impact the learning and lives of our athletes.
    During the 2019-20 school year, we will continue to place academics, discipline, respect, honor and school spirit at the top our list for our student athletes. We want McDonough High School to be known for being at the forefront of our county's athletic programs. This cannot always be measured in the success of our student athlete's 'Win & Loss' record but in the manner of how each of our athletes handle success as well as defeat. It has always been my belief; If you want to measure the success of our athletes... Let me see where they are 20 years from now. Our goal is to assist our student athletes in become successful for a lifetime. This is done by instilling Loyality, Honor, Respect and Integrity in each of our athletes. 
    We invite each of you to join the WARHAWK NATION and support our athletics and academics. 
    Greg Shook - Athletic Director
    McDonough High School
Last Modified on August 28, 2019