•       SAT/ ACT Dates for 21-22

    Online registration for the SAT and ACT is recommended.
    SCHOOL CODE:  112040



    Click here for online SAT registration and test fees.


    Click here for online ACT registration and test fees.
    Eligible students may use a MAXIMUM of TWO separate ACT/SAT fee waivers during their high school career.  11th and 12th grade students are eligible for SAT/ACT fee waivers.  Additional waivers, beyond the maximum limit of two, for a student will be denied, and the student will be billed.  The waiver is used once the student registers, even if the student does not test on the requested test date.  Except in emergency situations, please understand that if a student does not take the ACT/SAT on the scheduled date, and he/she has used a fee waiver, the student will have to pay the test date change fee to “reapply” the fee waiver to the new test date.  The counselors will not continually give fee waivers to students who are registering for the test, but are not following through with taking the test on the scheduled test date.  Students who register for the ACT/SAT but do not follow through with taking it, will have to pay the test date change fee to use that fee waiver for a later test date. 


    Click here to learn about the ACT fee waiver process.
    Click here to learn about the SAT fee waiver process.
    **SAT/ACT fee waivers are available for students who qualify (must be approved for free-reduced lunch).  The fee waiver request forms are located in the counseling office.  Please allow up to 5-7 days for the request to be processed. 

    Beginning in 2014-15, every income-eligible senior (must qualify for free/reduced lunch) who takes the SAT using a fee waiver will receive four college application fee waivers from the College Board.  These waivers will be delivered directly to students via their College Board account and may be used to apply to any of the 2,000 participating colleges.



Last Modified on March 10, 2022