• credit recoveryOpportunities to Make-Up Failed Courses
    Students must meet with their guidance counselor to obtain approval and to complete registration forms prior to enrolling in any credit recovery program .  Below are some of the programs that students can utilize to make-up required credit/classes for high school graduation:

    McDonough High School Summer School/Credit Recovery
    Information will be updated soon!  

     Henry County Schools Summer School

    Below is the basic information regarding Summer School 2021.  Parents and students can view more detailed course information at the link below:


    Registration Window- May 31-June 4

    The last day to register and pay is June 4, 2021.  The first Day of class is June 7.

    Orientations (choose one): June 1, June 3, and June 7

    Orientations are online on the above days. 

    Drop Course Deadline: June 21- A dropped class can be requested by emailing: Belinda.Bailey@henry.k12.ga.us . Include your full name, Student ID Number and the course name
               A course can be dropped on or before June 21 without a failing grade on a transcript but without a refund.

    Fees will be paid through MySchoolBucks…link to be added to the IA website just prior to the registration window opening

    Last Day of Summer School July 13 12:00PM


    $130 per half credit for HCS students                 $260 for 1 full credit

    $210 per half credit for private or out-of-district school students               $420 for 1 full credit


    McDonough High School Credit Recovery
    Click here for information describing the credit recovery program.  If you are interested in completing credit recovery, contact your counselor.

     Faith Academy
    This is a home-study program.  Students are given work to complete weekly.  Students work independently and tutoring is available at the Faith Academy location.  Students must take and pass a final exam at the Faith Academy location to earn credit for the course.  Students must see their counselor for a registration form.  Students who are taking any of these courses through Faith Academy (9th Grade Lit/Comp B, American Lit/Comp B, GSE Algebra IB, GSE Geometry B, Biology B, Physical Science B, U.S. History B, Economics) will have to take the GA Milestone in order to earn credit.   
    Visit website below for tuition prices during the regular school year and summer session
    For additional details, please visit:  http://www.faithaca.org/ 

    GA Virtual School
    This is an online learning opportunity.  Online courses are very rigorous.  As a result, students must be able to work well independently, as well as learn and utilize advanced computer technical skills.  Students need to see their counselor for registration information.
    Cost:  $300/half credit course if taken outside of the school day.  Courses are free if taken during the school day and can fit in the student's schedule.

Last Modified on May 10, 2021