General Information
    about the Henry County Schools High School Advisement Guide
    Henry County Schools High School Advisement Guide is designed to provide

    comprehensive information for student planning. This guide may be used by students, counselors, administrators, teachers, and parent/guardians as students prepare for the following post-high school experiences:

    College and University


    Technical College

    Military Service

    Career Training School

    Full-Time Employment


    Planning is essential for one’s life choices to be rewarding. Since the high school years

    can provide the foundation and tools for building a future, students need definite goals

    in mind as they make choices. The advisement guide outlines graduation requirements

    specified by the Georgia Department of Education and Henry County Public Schools,

    describes the types of diplomas which may be earned, and provides information

    regarding high school curriculum choices and post-secondary planning.

    Parents/guardians and students are encouraged to use this information while working

    closely with school personnel to plan a four-year program and to develop post-

    secondary goals.  Long-range planning does not mean that choices are permanent. As
    future goals change and are refined, the high school program may be adjusted. It is
    important that students plan courses of study to leave open as many options as possible
    and allow the flexibility for change. A quality education is more important than ever in
    our highly competitive and technological society.

    One of the most important responsibilities and decisions a high school student will

    make is selecting the appropriate courses. Consideration should be given to

    prerequisites, teacher recommendations, and the need for remedial, comprehensive, or

    advanced programs. Counselors have a master list of all courses offered and can help

    students and parents/guardians with questions regarding course selection.

    For information regarding learning opportunities and course descriptions, please visit

    the Curriculum and Instruction Department web page for Henry County.



Last Modified on June 20, 2019