The Georgia Career Information System (GCIS) will be the primary tool used at McDonough High School for career exploration, college and financial aid exploration.  Under the Bridge legislation, it is mandatory for all students in grades 9-12 to complete career/post-secondary activities specified for each grade level.  

    High school is a critical period that will require choices that will have a lasting impact immediately and for years to come.  The choices about a career pathway, course selections required for a particular pathway, post-secondary plans, dual enrollment opportunities, financial aid/scholarships, and the extracurricular activities in which to participate are just a few of the decisions that will need to be made throughout your student’s high school career. 
     In Spring 2018, SB 0401 named the BRIDGE (Building Resourceful Individuals to Develop Georgia’s Economy) Bill was updated.  This bill requires that every high school student in the state of Georgia, with the guidance of a school advisor, complete state mandated career and/or post-secondary activities that are designed for each grade level.  These activities must be done each year of a student’s high school career. 
    A very important resource in meeting the expectations of the BRIDGE Bill is utilizing GCIS through the student's Infinite Campus account via the SLDS portal.  GCIS is a one-stop-shop where students can explore careers, plan for high school and beyond, search colleges in Georgia and nationwide, learn about financial aid and much more!  GCIS will be the primary tool for educational, career and post-secondary planning for all students at McDonough High School.
    Below is a link to the advisement checklist for implementation of the BRIDGE bill legislation. 


Last Modified on October 14, 2019