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    Everyone needs help doing their best in high school.  If you want to earn better grades, improve your math skills, or you want to better understand the topic in which you are covering in class; there are ways to do that.


    Use these websites to find ways to make yourself into a better student and improve your grades. The small amount of time you spend investigating the techniques shared at these sites will be well spent when you find yourself feeling less frustrated, while at the same time, watching your latest test grade improve!



    Start by using this Self-Assessment of your study skills.


    Think of each minute of your day like money in your bank savings account. You can "spend" your time, like money, on your daily activities. But you cannot spend it all on fun. If you do, you will not earn good grades and that will not be good for your self-esteem. You will end up saying to yourself; "Gee, I spent all my time on fun and I didn’t study for my test. Now that I failed the test, I feel awful." But if you "spend" your time carefully, you can study and have fun! Then you will find yourself saying;
    "I studied and I think I am ready for the test. I will reward myself by doing something fun."


    Here are some great tools
     to help you learn to manage your time carefully.


    Learn how you are spending your time

    Use this time management form to look at how you are using your time and how you could use your time more effectively. There is always time for fun and relaxation, but are you spending too much time having fun at the expense of your school grades? Your performance in school is the most important task you have as a teenager. Everything you do in school, prepares you for your life as a working adult. When you do well in school, you feel better about yourself; you feel in control and self-esteem is backed by the proof of your experience, instead of only what you think of yourself. Doing school work and having also having fun is easier than you think! You just have to plan and manage your time. What will you do today; will you let your time slip by, like water down a drain, or will you budget your time so that you can do everything you wanted?


    Budget your time

    Try this really fun interactive daily schedule tool to find a way to budget your time so that you can maximize your study time and still have time to do the things that you enjoy. Do you really know how much time you spend each day on your activities? Are you spending enough time on doing what you can to earn the very best grades you can in school? You will be surprised how much time you waste doing unproductive activities. Say to yourself, “Is this activity that I am doing right now helping me to make a better future for myself?  Is it helping me earn better grades in school?” If the answer is ‘NO’, then you need to stop the activity and do something that is productive. Watching TV or talking on the telephone can be productive, but only if it is a reward for having already done something productive.


    Make a list

    Making lists is one of the most effective ways to make the most of each day and to accomplish all that you want to. Learn how to make the most of your own "To Do List". This interactive tool will show you ways to make a to-do list that works for you.

    Here are some websites that will
    help you to become
    a more effective learner and a better student.
    Save the websites in your “favorites” folder on your web browser.
    You will be using them often.


    Study Guides & Strategies


    This is probably the single best website on the Internet for improving your study habits. You can find all kinds of information from writing essays, test-taking, specific math skills and even a list of other helpful websites. 





    From math to vocabulary and study skills, this site provides great suggestions for making the most of your school related efforts. You may have to read a bit on this site, it does not have instant cures, but there may just be a tip you will find useful.


    Learning Vocabulary

    This website contains fun and interactive puzzles and games to improve your vocabulary. Use this website daily to take a break in a productive way. You'll be having fun but you'll be leaning at the same time!

    The most important way to improve your ACT and SAT scores (not to mention improving your IQ) is to increase your vocabulary. Knowing and using more sophisticated words in both your writing and your verbal communication is the single most important way for you to express your intelligence.

    Reading is the single best way to increase your vocabulary. It does not always have to be books; magazines, newspapers and news based websites are useful, too. But when you are short on time, go to this website to find some enjoyable activities that will help you to improve your word knowledge.


    Here's a list of other useful websites for both students and their parents.

    Whatever you do, doing nothing is a sure way to get nowhere! Spend the time and make the effort to go to these web links. Read the information, use the tools and use the help you will find. You can go back to these websites again and again. The time you spend will be a good investment in making you a better student. When you are a better student you will be making better grades. When you make better grades, you will be saying, "Anyone can say that they are smart, but I can prove it! I have control in the one part of my life of which I am completely in charge". And that is what real self-esteem is all about!

Last Modified on March 3, 2022