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    Enrollment Requirements for New Students
    Please visit https://schoolwires.henry.k12.ga.us/Page/45749 to download registration forms and additional enrollment information. 




    A twenty-four hour notice is required for any withdrawal.  Please contact the MHS counseling office at 470-615-3450 at least twenty-four hours before the withdrawal is needed.  The parent/guardian's signature needs to be obtained to complete the withdrawal process*.  The parent/guardian who enrolled the student is the only person who can withdraw the student.  However, in rare situations, the custodial parent who enrolled the child in school may give certified written permission to the school to allow a non-custodial parent to complete the withdrawal procedures.  Click here to view the withdrawal policy from the Henry County Secondary Student & Parent handbook.  The withdrawal packet will be given to the student to take to their new school.  The receiving school will have to request a transcript.  Transcripts will not be given without a request from the receiving school. 


    At the time of withdrawal, students must return all textbooks, chromebook, library books, and other school-owned items.  Any such items not returned, and any other school-related expenses for which the student is responsible (such as lunch charges), must be paid for at the time of withdrawal.  The school may withhold grade reports, diplomas, and/or certificates of progress until restitution is made for lost or damaged chromebooks, textbooks and/or media materials.  Students who attend school their last day will carry a withdrawal form around to their teachers for grades and book clearance.  The student's chromebook and/or any textbooks must be turned into the teachers and/or counseling office.   If there is no clearance, the withdrawal form will be held until obligations are cleared.  If the student is not in attendance, the chromebook and/or books will be collected from the parent and the withdrawal form will be held until signatures may be obtained.  Records will be held until all obligations are cleared. 
    Visit the Henry County Board of Education Website for more enrollment/withdrawal policy information. 
    Important Phone Numbers
    Henry County Health Department- (770) 954-2250
    Henry County Probate Court- (770) 288-7600
Last Modified on July 10, 2021