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    Future Business Leaders of America



    The FBLA mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs. We bring our mission to life through the application of our motto: Service, Education, and Progress.



    • Promote competent, assertive business leadership.
    • Strengthen confidence of students in themselves and their work.
    • Create interest in and understanding of individual projects to improve home, business and community.
    • Facilitate the transition from school to work.
    • Assist students in the establishment of career goals.
    • Encourage scholarship and promote school loyalty.
    • Encourage and practice sound financial management.
    • Develop character, prepare for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism.

    FBLA History

    The beginning of Future Business Leaders of America in  Georgia started in Hapeville High School in Fulton County, Georgia on December 3, 1947. The chapter, organized under the direction of Mrs. Catharine Merrill, was chartered by the National organization as Chapter No. 83. 

    Georgia, the fourth State Chapter to be chartered, received its State Charter in 1949. Mrs. Zeb Vance of Mercer University, Macon, served as Georgia's first state adviser. Georgia has had ten state advisers: Mrs. Zeb Vance, Miss Mary Ellen Smith, Miss Sarah Head, Dr. Zenobia Liles, Dr. Jerry Kicklighter, Mrs. Helen Cofer McClain, Mr. Terry Smith, Mrs. Mandy Allen, Mr. Jeff Chandler, Mrs. Sylvia Logan, and Ms. Brenda Woodruff. The current state adviser is Mr. Monty Rhodes. 
    Dr. Russell Mercer was the first Georgia State President. While serving as president, he was a student at Georgia Teachers' College, now Georgia Southern University, in Statesboro. Dr. Mercer is the retired State Supervisor of Business and Office Education. 
    The Business and Office Education Service of the Georgia Department of Education assumed the responsibility of Georgia FBLA in July, 1960. Georgia FBLA is organized on three levels: 
    • Local--consisting of the local chapter and its members
    • Region--a grouping of chapters within a limited geographic territory
    • State--all local chapters and regions 
    The governing body of Georgia FBLA is the Board of Directors. The Georgia Future Business Leaders of America, Inc. operates as a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization governed by a board of directors consisting of twelve members. The members will be composed of two business representatives (appointed), five elected advisers representing eleven regions, and five elected at-large advisers. 
    Georgia FBLA will have an elected executive council. The council consists of the state chapter president, eleven regional vice-presidents, secretary-treasurer, reporter, and parliamentarian, along with their advisers, the State adviser, Mr. Monty Rhodes, and the state director of Business and Computer Science. 


    Georgia is currently the largest state chapter in the nation with over 25,000 members.

    FBLA Creed

    I believe education is the right of every person

    I believe the future depends on mutual understanding and cooperation among business, industry, labor, religious, family, and educational institutions, as well as people around the world.

    I agree to do my utmost to bring about understanding and cooperation among all these groups. 

    I believe every person should prepare for a useful occupation and carry on that occupation in a manner that brings the greatest good to the greatest number. 

    I believe every person should actively work toward improving social, political, community, and family life. 

    I believe every person has the right to earn a living at a useful occupation. 

    I believe every person should take responsibility for carrying out assigned tasks in a manner that brings credit to self, associates, school and community.

    I believe I have the responsibility to work efficiently and to think clearly.

    I promise to use my abilities to make the world a better place for everyone.





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