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    To Join "Remind":

    From your cell phone:    To:  81010

                                              Text the message @136a04

     If you have trouble with 81010, you can send the message To:  (678) 974-1054 instead.

     For e-mail messages, send an e-mail TO:  136a04@mail.remind.com  (you can leave the subject blank).

    Remember, the Eagle Chorus Performance Outfit is:
    Our navy blue polo with the school logo,
          Khaki Long Pants- NO JEANS   Parents- this is a color change since last year.
          black shoes (not sandals),
          a black belt (if your trousers have belt        
     Shirts MUST be TUCKED IN!
    Students attending a more casual performance/field trip may need a chorus tee-shirt as well.
    Also, please keep jewelry to a minimum.  It is important that the group look as uniform as possible.  Big earrings, bracelets, large hair bows, etc. are distracting and take away from the over all appearance of the chorus.
    7th and 8th graders will have some performances requiring the blue gowns, or vests and ties.  Boys will have to provide their own long-sleeved button down white shirt and black trousers (no jeans please!) as well as black dress shoes.
    It is necessary for all
    Choral Students to have a  binder with -paper, a pencil, dry-erase marker and a highlighter. 
    I am asking for parents who can donate to take note that we need:  hand sanitizer, tissue, dry-erase markers and copy paper.
    Students MAY NOT go in and out of class for a drink of water- it is disruptive-as are requests to go to the restroom during class.   Gum, and any food or candy is not allowed.  You cannot sing well if your vocal cords are coated with anything other than WATER and I do allow students to have a water bottle in class!   
    Parents, please speak with your students about these guidelines.