Universal Access

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    We are unwavering in our commitment to increase the number of students leveraging educational opportunities, connecting with support for personal health and wellbeing, and utilizing our first-class facilities that will lead to success in a global society.

  • Leveraging Educational Opportunities

    • Advanced Enrollment for High School Students
      • More than 300 students participating in Dual Enrollment Courses
      • Over 2000 Students participating in AP courses
    • Almost 20,000 students taking CTAE classes
    • 24,000 Students participating in Fine Arts Programs
    • 1:1 device access for every one of our 42,000+ students
    • Enrollment in early learning and specialty programming
      • 6000 students participating in hybrid or remote learning via Impact Academy
      • 400+ students served Pre-K programs
      • 1000+ Students taking classes at Academy for Advanced Studies



  • Utilizing Our First-Class Facilities

    • Securing single point of entry and remote alert system installed at every school
    • 7M+ Square Feet of Facilities across 640 Buildings and Structures
    • Every high school outfitted with an orchestra room, a performance stage, and turf field
    • Hosted over 400 events during the 2020-2021 at our two performing arts center with a combined total attendance of over 1M


  • Support for Personal Health and Wellbeing