• Greetings,  




                  I am super excited to have your child in my class for the 2022- 2023 school year. These last few days have been fun and informative. I have enjoyed getting to know everyone. Class Dojo invites have been sent to all students. If you have not been able to connect to our class “Mrs. Oxendine’s 2nd Grade Superheroes”. Please send me an email. I encourage you and your family to become active participants in our classroom and school. During the school year, I will need your assistance and will make every effort to keep an open line of communication.


    Important Points

    • Please be sure that your child brings their take-home folder and agenda to school every day. Initial their agendas daily.
    • Bring a healthy snack every day. Water only!
    • Be sure to send a water bottle with your child every day.
    •  Wear sneakers every Friday for P.E.
    • You will get more information about their Chromebooks soon.

    Content Information


    Take-Home Folders: These folders will come home everyday with either graded papers, class/school information and/or homework. Please send back to school every day.


    Agenda: Agendas will come home daily showing their behavior for the day, homework and possible spelling/vocabulary words. Please be sure to initial their agenda daily. Please send back to school every day.


    Snack-Students may bring in a healthy, dry snack. Water is the only liquid students may bring to school. Please no candy or fruit cups.


    Graded Papers:

    Graded papers will go home weekly. Grades will be posted to the Infinite Campus district platform. 


     Homework: The traditional weekly\ daily homework will not be given to second-grade students daily; however daily reading and math practice is strongly encouraged. Periodically, performance task assignments\ projects may be assigned for homework. 


    Reading: The goal for reading is for students to reach a MAP score of 186 or higher and a level of M based on Fountas and Pinnell (F&P) reading assessment by the end of the second-grade school year. 


    Social Studies \ Science: We will rotate subjects. Students will complete assignments daily with interactive notebook and workbook activities.



    The behavior management tool for our classroom will be the “Superhero” clip system.


    Blue-Super Choices: “I am acting like a leader, doing my work and following directions. I am the Ultimate Hero! I am BRAVE!


    Green- Good Day: I am making good decisions in my learning while being a good citizen. I am gaining power!


    Ready To Learn: All Superheroes start here each day.


    Orange- Think About It: I really need to think about my behavior and choices. I am losing my superpowers. I need to do better and get back on track. Be BRAVE!


    Yellow-Warning: I am still deciding not to change my behavior Now I have been “Warned!” I need to calm down and/or have a time-out. I have to work even harder to get back on track before I move to “Red.” I can do it!  


    Red-Parent Contact: I decided not to change my behavior after many warnings. My parents and/or the office now need to know how I chose to behave.



    Reading and Math Strategies

    STRATEGIES Good Readers Use: 

    • Create mental images  
    • Reread to clarify  
    • Read ahead  
    • Relate to other texts, self, & world  
    • Adjust reading rate  
    • Use context to confirm meaning  
    • Use text structure and format 


     STRATEGIES Good Mathematicians Use: 

    • Practice addition and math basic facts  
    • Using math manipulatives
    • Take time to complete the assignment  
    • Read word problem(s) more than once  
    • Explain math thinking  
    • Draw math thinking  



    ooking forward to a “SUPER” school year!


    Mrs. Oxendine


    Be the Superhero that you are!