• Legal Environment of Business Course

    Course Description:

    Legal Environment of Business addresses statutes and regulations affecting businesses, 
    families, and individuals. All students will benefit with the knowledge of business law as they will 
    eventually assume roles as citizens, workers, and consumers in their communities and in 
    society at large. 
    Students will get an overview of business law while concentrating on the legal aspects of 
    business ownership and management. Legal issues addressed include court procedures, 
    contracts, torts, consumer law, employment law, environmental law, international law, ethics, 
    and the role of the government in business. Students will not only understand the concepts, but 
    will also apply their knowledge to situations and defend their actions, decisions, and choices. 
    Various forms of technologies will be highlighted to expose students to the emerging 
    technologies impacting the business world. Professional communication skills and practices, 
    problem-solving, ethical and legal issues, and the impact of effective presentation skills are 
    expanded on this course to prepare students to be college and career ready.

    Employability skills are integrated into activities, tasks, and projects throughout this course to demonstrate skills 
    required by business and industry. Competencies in the co-curricular student organization, 
    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), are integral components of both employability 
    skills and content standards of this course.

    Legal Environment of Business is the second course in the Entrepreneurship pathway in the Business Management & Administration Cluster. Students enrolled in this course should have successfully completed the first course in the 
    pathway Introduction to Business & Technology.