AP Summer Extension Group

  • Students, 

    Reading is essential to learning, to thinking, to being an effective communicator and sympathetic human in this world. To prepare you for life outside the world of Ola and to prepare you for the discussing and thinking and empathy you'll inevitably complete this year, your summer assignment is as follows: 

    Read. Voraciously. Read fiction, non-fiction, magazines, multiple news sources manuals, etc.  

    Think. Deeply. Question everything. What bias is implicit, explict-- whose? 

    Write. Passionately. Writing is thinking on paper. It is also a wonderful tool to understand one's self and your processing. 


    To help you do these three large items, I've created a Summer Assignment in Google Classroom. Please join it here .. Be sure to periodically visit the stream for updates and information through the summer. 


    Thanks, Mrs. W