• World Literature and Composition


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    Course Syllabus

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    Grade Breakdown:

                40% Practice Work           40% Assessment Tasks            20% Semester Exam

    The purpose of this course is for students to gain competence/mastery in:

    • Reading- Students will increase vocabulary and use of context clues to gain knowledge and improve reading comprehension, while gaining an appreciation for a variety of literary genres.
    • Writing- Students will develop writing skills to compose well-developed, cohesive paragraphs and multi-paragraph essays by addressing sentence structure, spelling, grammar, punctuation and usage.
    • Research and Argumentation - Students will design and implement concise and sustained research tasks focused by questions and understandings of rigorous topics. Students will communicate information, reasoning, and supporting evidence that conveys a clear and distinct perspective. 
    • 21st Century Skills - Students will demonstrate competence in Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, and Creativity while developing a sense of local and global citizenship
    • Technology - Students will develop a degree of Technological Citizenship and will demonstrate proficiency in Google and other electronic app platforms.


    Google Classroom will be the main place to find assignments and lessons during this school year. If your student needs to get into the Google Classroom for my class please email me at amy.drane@henry.k12.ga.us.