• Science Regional Olympiad Competition

    Congratulations to the Science Olympiad Team.  They placed 12th overall out of 24 teams at the Regional Science Olympiad held at Macon State College on Saturday, February 16th, 2008.


    The following individuals placed in the top 12 in one or more events:

                Darius Smith and Jesse Ferrero              1st place            Boomilever

    Jesse Ferrero and Darius Smith              3rd place            Wright Stuff

    Enrique Holloway and Jesse Ferrero        4th place            Circuit Lab

    Marcia Jackson and Ariel Brooks            8th place            Food Science

                Enrique Holloway and Corrina Hill            9th place            Chemistry Lab

                Kristin Degler and Rebekah Steiner         9th place            Sounds of Music

    Caleb Oliver and Darius Smith                 10th place          Oceanography

    Chris Kinman and Caleb Oliver                11th place          Remote Sensing

    Corrina Hill and Marcia Jackson              11th place          Forensics

    Rebekah Steiner and Kristin Degler         11th place         
                                                                Experimental Design

                Rebekah Steiner and Kristin Degler         12th place          Ecology

                Ariel Brooks and Enrique Holloway          12th place          Fermi Questions

                Kristin Degler and Rebekah Steiner         12th place          Write It—Do It





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