• Varsity Game at State Farm Arena

      All varsity players that makes the final cut will have to purchase a ticket to play in the game, regardless of whether you attend the Hawks game or not.

      We will enter the building as soon as the visiting team players are off the court. Please have ALL team players and ALL coaches come dressed and ready to play and coach!!! Including the referees!!!


      Online Waivers Must be Completed Two (2) / 48 Hours Days prior to the event. Coaches MUST email rosters to Hawks Three (3) days prior to event.


      Waivers Links:





      Estimated Game Time



      • ENTER – Everyone who is a part of the event will enter through CNN Center Entrance of State Farm Arena starting at 12:40PM.  They will have their tickets checked, not scanned, upon entry to make sure everyone has a ticket.
      • EVENT TIME – The game day event will begin at 12:45PM, and we have until 3:30PM to complete the games, and to clear the arena.
      • EXIT – We must clear the arena and be completely out of the arena by 3:25PM at the latest.  This means the last person out the CNN Center Entrance by 3:20PM, not finishing the games at that time.
      • RE-ENTRY – Doors will open for the Hawks game at 6:30PM with the game starting at 7:30PM that night.
      • BASKETBALL GEAR – Cannot be checked in or stored after the game and at State Farm Arena. Please put the gear from the games in your cars or buses. Bags brought into the arena will be checked at a $5 per item cost to attendee.
      • NO ADHESIVE ADDED TO SHOES – Example: Stick ‘Em.
      • ** Only Basketball and athletic shoes will be allowed on the Court. No Dress shoes for coaches.


      You can see below for full details, but I have bolded the most important portions.  One of the very most important is to make sure that everyone who is going on the court has the online waiver authorized by themselves (if they are 18+) or their parents (if they are under 18).  Players, Coaches, Cheerleaders,  and One (1) Team Photographer must sign online waivers.


      Feel free to share this with the families on the day of the game so everyone is in the loop and on the same page.  If you have any further questions, please let me know ASAP. 




      Court of Dreams Experience Guidelines

      Thank you for choosing the Atlanta Hawks for your group outing! Groups participating in Fan Experience Packages during the Atlanta Hawks games are expected to represent themselves and the Atlanta Hawks in a respectful and professional manner. In order to make your event a complete and memorable success, we ask you to abide by the following guidelines:


      Meeting Location: CNN Entrance to State Farm Arena


      • Groups should bring the following*:
        • Basketballs for warm up and game ball
        • Game Officials – Please coordinate between both schools.
        • Water bottles.
        • Towels
        • Official Scorekeepers and Books

      *Please note: The Atlanta Hawks will NOT provide any of the above items.

      • If requested in advance, the Atlanta Hawks can provide the following:
        • Bus parking passes (subject to availability and must be requested three (2) days prior to event)


      • ON EVENT DAY:
        • Please line up all participants first in front of CNN Entrance doors to allow them access to the building more quickly. Teams line up first and parents/family/friends enter after the teams.
        • All members of your group (participants and non-participants) must have a Hawks game ticket for the event to enter the arena. Please have ticket out and ready to show guest services.
        • All groups must be on time to gain court access. If your group is late, we reserve the right to cancel your event and no refund will be given. Time extensions cannot be granted.
        • Each group member participating in an on-court activity (players/performers, coaches, cheerleaders, photographer, announcers, etc.) must submit a completed waiver (signed by their legal parent or guardian if under 18) prior to their event.
        • Only event participants will be allowed to access the court and tunnel. Players and Coaches ONLY. Event participants will be supervised by Atlanta Hawks staff members at all times.
        • Only soft-soled, non-marking shoes/sneakers will be allowed on the court. No heels or dress shoes will be permitted.
        • Please have all participants dressed and ready for your event when you arrive at State Farm Arena—this will maximize your time on the court.
        • All spectators will be required to sit in Sections 118, 119, and 120 unless otherwise stated on the day of your event. All other sections (including floor seats) will be closed to spectators.
        • No food or drinks (with the exception of bottled waters) may be brought into State Farm Arena during your event.
        • No concession stands are available for pre-game events, but participants and spectators will be allowed to exit the arena to purchase these items and dine outside the arena. (Game ticket must be shown upon re-entry).
      • FYI:
        • Video cameras and recording devices are allowed during your event only. You may not bring these devices into State Farm Arena when you return for the Atlanta Hawks game.
        • Player autographs are not allowed for any performer(s) or participants on the court during pregame activities.
Last Modified on November 4, 2021