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    alert   scientist             

    what"What are you still doing here? Our professor has gone mad!

    One of his experiments have gone horribly wrong, and seems to have triggered

    a melt down and we must escape the lab before the explotion!  

    We need to get out of here and fast. We only have a short amount of time."


    "Listen carefully, there are 4 doors.  You must answer the questions behind each door.

    Write down the letter that has the correct answer (A,B orC).

    They will help us reveal the passcode to get through

    the final door and escape the lab.  

    I know it's not going to be easy, but you and your crew can do it!

    Let's go, I'll follow you.  HURRY, HURRY!


    scientistCan you "ESCAPE the LAB"

                          before the explotion?


    Turn your volume up, grab your logsheet or a pencil and paper and select the appropriate game.

    Remember to complete the activity together. Help your child navigate their way through each


    The Passcode needs to be in all caps.



       K- 2nd Grade                 3rd- 5th Grade



       Escape                              Game Based Learning                                               Escape