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  • 1st Grade Book Reports

    Reading and talking about books is the main priority in 1st grade. Students will complete a book report twice each month for an at-home project. Each month we will focus on a different skill that we have mastered in class. The book report can be as basic as answering the questions on the provided paper or as elaborate as a poster board (small). Do what works best for you and your child. Parents, PLEASE DO NOT do it or write it for your child, be there to discuss it, and guide them, but let them complete it.

    Students should be reading books for their book reports at their reading level. As you read other books each day talk about these things throughout the year.

    At the beginning of each month, the book report instructions, rubric, and due dates will be assigned in Google Classroom. Please review the rubric for guidance.

      Book Report Schedule 1st Grade

    August / September – Beginning, Middle, and End of a story –

    Due Dates –

    Aug. 27 – Book Report #1

    Sep. 17 – Book Report #2


    October – Story Elements; characters, setting, problem, solution

    Due Dates –

    Oct. 1 – Book Report #3

    Oct. 22– Book Report #4


    November – Summary, what happened first, next, last

    Due Dates –

    Nov. 5 – Book Report #5

    Nov. 19 – Book Report #6


    December – Non-Fiction Animal Book; habitat, diet

    Due Dates –

    Dec. 10 – Book Report #7

    No Second Book Report

    January – 3 reasons why you like your book


    Due Dates –

    Jan. 21 – Book Report #8

    No Second Book Report


    February – Biography book; 3 things about the person

    Due Dates –

    Feb. 4 – Book Report #10

    Feb. 25– Book Report #11


    March – Describe & Illustrate a character feeling(s) throughout the story

    Due Dates –

    Mar. 11 – Book Report #12

    Mar. 25 – Book Report #13


    April – Fairy Tale Book; lesson/moral learned from the story


    Due Dates –

    Apr. 15 – Book Report #14

    Apr. 29– Book Report #15


    May – Personal and text connection to the book



    Due Dates –

    May 13 – Book Report #16

    No Second Book Report