• Constituent Services

  • Henry County Schools takes many approaches to constituent services. One of the aims is to cultivate and enhance collaborative working relationships with families, community members, departments, school-based administrators and other personnel. We seek to monitor opportunities for proactive community conversations involving district and school leaders. Such continuous improvement opportunities may include deepening community awareness and organizational information about grievances and administrative complaint processes.


    Henry County Board of Education believes complaints are best resolved when handled as close to their origin as possible. The Board has an expectation that complaints be recognized and addressed in an orderly and timely manner. Our constituent services approach is to help families with informal processes versus formal processes under Board policies. Our process seeks resolution of concerns through information gathering, collaboration with the relevant department(s) and school(s), and providing frequent updates to the concerned person. We aim to ensure that each concern is resolved in a manner aligning with organizational protocols and Board policies.



    An expedient way of ensuring your concern or complaint is addressed, is to raise the concern with your child's principal or your supervisor first. If your concern was not resolved, you may submit it through the Concern Form . Submissions will receive follow up communication.






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Mr. Stefon Plummer

Coordinator  |  Constituent Services
Stefon.Plummer@henry.k12.ga.us  |  770.957.6601  x01125