• Effective November 15, 2021, Henry County Schools now use Verifent for requesting Teacher or Classified Experience Verification (Service Records).   

    To Request Service Records:

    Step 1: Visit Verifent

    Visit www.Verifent.com. Click the ‘Let’s Get Started Now’ button in the upper-right hand corner and select ‘Employees’. On the next screen, scroll down and select the ‘Initiate Service Record’ button.


    Step 2: Enter Information

    1. Enter your Hiring District. 
    2. Enter your information.
    3. Enter the Former District(s) that you need a service record from. If your Former District does not drop down as you type under ‘Former School District Lookup’, click on ‘Enter New District’ and enter the information

    Note: Multiple Former Districts can be selected


    Step 3: Submit Request(s)

    Once you’ve entered all your Former Districts, press ‘Submit Teacher Experience Verification(s).’ You will be notified of the progress of your requests through email.

    If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team at support@verifent.com.