• Information for Parents of Car Riders

    Please have your car rider tag ready. If you haven't signed up, you can do so by visiting our school website or this link: https://forms.gle/r8kz19rsodkzCen89

    The rear gate to the High School is now closed, and afternoon transportation patterns have changed. Please ensure that you adhere to the following:

    1. No car rider parents should arrive on campus prior to 3:30 pm, with the exception of parents picking up students who are in ESE program area units.

    1a. Additionally, the rear gate is closed to the UGHS campus, accessible only to HCS buses.

    2. The first car riders will be allowed in at East Lake Road and Bryant Drive, by the stadium entrance, beginning at 3:30 pm.

    3. The first group will enter into the front parking lot area, as directed by an administrator.

    4. The second group will enter the side parking lot, as directed by an administrator.

    5. All remaining car rider parents will be directed back to the gravel parking lot by the baseball stadium, where parents can turn and begin lining up along Bryans Drive. Car rider parents will continue to come onto campus, filling up the parking lot, and once full, car rider parents will remain waiting on East Lake Road.



    Additionally, parents should avoid parking on campus, or on the UGH or East Lake Elementary campus to pick up car riders posing as walkers. This disrupts the campus operations of other campuses and further complicates our transportation issues as a school community.