• Meet the School Social Worker, Ms. Adrian Brown.
    School social workers serve as a link between the home, school, and community. We are a vital part of the total educational process by helping students and parents obtain the help and resources available to achieve their goals. School social workers collaborate with school psychologists, teachers, and the entire educational staff to remove barriers to academic success. As part of the educational team, social workers support students’ thriving in schools and in life by removing barriers that interfere with their performance. 


    Making parent contacts based on needs of parents and teachers; 

    Assisting parents in understanding the Student Code of Conduct and other system-wide rules and regulations; 

    Helping to build positive relationships between parents and school staff; 

     Encouraging parent participation in school conferences and other activities; 

    Providing information to and coordinating with teachers and Administration to facilitate services for students; 


     Guide families in pursuit of needs of goods and community services (economic assistance, crisis intervention, mental health, homelessness).



    If You Need Assistance:

    Please reach out to our school social worker, Ms. Adrian Brown. Her email address is Adrian.Brown@henry.k12.ga.us