• ARMS Athletics Philosophy Statement

    Interscholastic athletics is a significant part of the total educational experience.  They offer the opportunity for students to be a part of a team, to serve their school, and to develop intellectually, physically and emotionally.  Athletes in our program will be provided positive experiences that will help them develop in areas of commitment, responsibility and loyalty.  Responsibility is a core trait within our department and we all play a part in ensuring that every stakeholder accepts their role.  Responsibility to one’s team, self and family is a vital aspect of education within our athletic department. 

    The will to win is a natural human trait that is highly desirable. However, winning will not be attained by compromising the welfare of the athlete.  Our intent is for our athletes to become the best they can be.  Using the experience gained through athletics, our hope is that our athletes will reach their potential while in school and later as productive members of society.  And that is where our biggest wins will be measured.