jedi Rogers

Important Things for Class

  • Student materials needed:

    1. pencils and erasers
    2. loose-leaf notebook paper
    3. dry-erase markers
    4. a 3-ring binder. 
    5. dividers

    Class Materials Wishlist:

    1. Dry-Erase markers
    2. Cleanex
    3. Paper Towels
    4. AAA Batteries

    Calculator Info:

    Scientific and graphing calculators (TI-84) will be used when necessary and should be available.  Any brand of scientific calculator will suffice.  You may want to purchase a TI-84 calculator for use at home (not required, but highly recommended).  A TI-84 emulator with slightly different features was made available for free on updated student Chromebooks this past school year. When using a classroom calculator, please treat it with the same care as if it was your own device.