English Literature Course Syllabus


     English I: English Literature and Composition



    Teacher: SeQuana Philip             


    Room Number: 112

        Phone Number: 770-515-7510

    Course Credit: 1

        Tutorial Days: Tuesday - Friday

    Textbooks: (1) Elements of Literature

        Tutorial Hours: By Appointment Sign Up 

                        (2) Into Literature



    Mission Statement: To create a community of life- long learners. To Educate, Encourage, and Empower our students. Department Philosophy: All English courses integrate language arts skills in a standards-driven, literature-based, thematic curriculum,  including instruction in reading/literature, critical thinking, composition, vocabulary, grammar and usage, research, organization and study  skills, speaking and listening, standardized test preparation, technology, and literary and language appreciation and their connections to life. 

    Course Description: All English courses integrate language arts skills in a standards-driven, literature-based, thematic curriculum,  including instruction in reading/literature, critical thinking, composition, vocabulary, grammar and usage, research, organization and study  skills, speaking and listening, standardized test preparation, technology, and literary and language appreciation and their connections to life.  Broad understandings, “BIG IDEAS,” and essential questions will serve as the foundation for planning instruction and assessment in  instructional units. 

    English Language Arts Georgia State Standards of Excellence: Georgia State Standards of Excellence for English Language Arts  9th grade is organized into five strands: Reading Literary, Reading Informational, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Language. These  standards are student-centered and performance based. Performance standards define specific expectations of what students should know  and be able to do and how well students must perform to achieve or exceed the standard. These standards are composed of the following  four components: 

    Content Standard: Content standards state the purpose and direction the content is to take and are generally followed by elements.  Elements identify specific learning goals associated with the content standard. 

    Tasks: Tasks are keyed to the relevant standards. Tasks are student-centered performances that demonstrate student learning. Some tasks  are activities that will help students achieve the learning goals of the standard, while others may be used to assess student learning; many  tasks serve both of these purposes. 

    Student Work: Examples of successful student work are included to specify what it takes to meet the standard and to enable both teachers  and students to see what meeting the stands “looks like.” 

    Teacher Commentary: Commentary shows students why they did or did not meet a standard and enables them to take ownership of their  own learning. 

    All English courses have goals that are established by the state of Georgia, Henry County course guides, and through DHS English teacher  expectations. Upon successful completion of English I, the student will be able to: 

    Textbooks and Prices: Students will be provided all textbooks and supplementary books required for success in English courses. If a  student loses or damages a book, he/she will be charged current replacement value. The texts are the appropriate course of Into Literature ($ TBD ), Writing and Grammar Handbook ($58.00 ), and Reader’s Notebook Workbook ($48.00 ). Students will be  informed of replacement prices for novels and plays when issued.

    Content, Time Allotment, and Sequence: All DHS English courses integrate the language arts in a performance based curriculum.  Standard unit features for all English courses including standardized test preparation; research and documentation activities; initial/sponge  activities; study and organizational skills, speaking, listening, and viewing; and grammar/usage emphasis. All students will be expected to  read supplementary novels and plays on their own.  

    Grading Procedure: The guidelines apply to all English grades and are consistent with school-wide expectations. All assignments count  toward the final grade. 

      ASSESSMENT: 40% 


    EOC: 20% 

    Grades will be based upon the Henry County scale as follows: A = 100-90; B = 89-80; C = 79-75; D = 74-70; F = below 70. 

    ***Parent/Guardian: Parents and students have access to view teachers’ gradebook using Infinite Campus. The username and password  to access the electronic grade book is issued by the school counselor. Gradebook will be updated on a constant basis. Some grades, such  as vocabulary quizzes, will be entered rather quickly as they are easier to grade; other assignments will take more time to grade. If you EVER have questions about your child’s grades, please contact me by email. Parent communication is a top priority and I will typically  respond within a 24-hour time period. Below is the breakdown of the expected turnaround time for grades: 




    Tier I 

    One week 

    Daily work, homework, etc.

    Tier II 

    Two weeks 

    Tests, quizzes, short constructed responses, etc.

    Tier III 

    Three Weeks 

    Essays, research papers, unit tests,  semester exams, midterms, CFA’s, etc.

    Standard Expectations/Class Rules: All English classes at Dutchtown High School follow all Henry County policies relative to  appropriate school and classroom conduct as outlined in the Henry County Student Rights and Responsibilities brochure. Dutchtown High School Standard Expectations as explained in the student handbook including policies related to make-up work, late work, extra  credit, and extra help also apply in all English classes. Students are expected to be alert and attentive during class, punctual and prepared  for learning each day, and respectful of the teacher and other students and their property and rights. Additional classroom policies may be  posted and discussed in class. 

    Required Materials: 

    Into Literature 

    *3 ring binder filled with notebook paper  

    *4 notebook dividers with tabs  

    *Package of pens (blue / black); 6 colored highlighters 

    *Liquid white out for corrections 

    *Highlighters (Blue/Green/Yellow/Pink)

    *Personal stapler 

    ***- All final drafts for writing assignments must be typed in MLA format 

    - All (non-essay) assignments submitted to the teacher must be completed in either pencil or blue or black ink only

    Digital Policy: 

           ~ Students will be prepared by bringing all necessary materials: Chromebook, charger, paper, writing utensils

    Each student is expected to adhere to the following guidelines when participating in a digital classroom: 

    It is expected that all students 

    o Use academic/professional language only 

    o Use complete sentences which follow the rules of grammar 

    o Use no text message language 

    o Use no profanity 

    o Do not belittle or bully 

    o Post school appropriate documents and pictures 

    Classroom Expectations / Rules and Procedures 

    Please note the rules listed below are also posted on the classroom wall. At the start of the academic year, we will spend considerable time discussing exactly what these rules and classroom procedures mean/are. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of and adhere to the rules.  Follow all STUDENT HANDBOOK POLICIES including:

    MY RESPONSIBILITIES AS YOUR TEACHER: 1. To treat you with respect and care as an  individual 

    2. To provide you an orderly classroom environment 

    3. To provide the necessary discipline 4. To provide the appropriate motivation 

    5. To teach you the required content 


    1. To treat me with respect and care as an  individual 

    2. To attend class regularly 

    3. To be cooperative and not disruptive 

    4. To study and do your work (SUCCESS =  EFFORT) 

    5. To learn and master the literature content



    Before Bell Rings 

    1. Use wastebaskets before (and after) bell only 

    2. Homework should be placed on homework rack (if collected after bell it is considered late) 3. Prepare for Initial Activity or Warm-up


    Initial Activity (Warm-up) 

    1. No conversation (unless explicitly stated) 

    2. Need help - Raise your hand 

    3. No movement around classroom 

    Group Work 

    1. Remain on task and on task conversation only 

    2. Need help - 1st: Ask group, 2nd: Project leader will raise their hand 

    3. Liberal movement as needed 

    Independent Work 

    1. No conversations 

    2. Need help – 1. Raise your hand 2. I will come to you or ask you to approach my desk 3. Liberal movement with permission

    Ear Bud Policy 

    1. Only when teacher permits it 

    2. Music should not be heard by anyone 

    3. No distracting arm/body/head movement 

    4. No singing aloud


    1. No conversation (Zero Tolerance Policy) 

    2. Need help - Raise your hand 

    3. No movement around classroom

    Assignments to be collected 

    1. Head paper as demonstrated on syllabus 

    2. Blue/Black pen only  

    3. Write legibly - not accepted if can't be read 

    4. Double space writing drafts - No writing on back of paper


    1. Must be headed correctly (MLA format, as demonstrated on your syllabus) 

    2. Must be completed before class begins and turned in BEFORE you enter class - NO EXCEPTIONS

    Class Work 

    1. Use time given in class wisely  

    2. Stay focused 

    3. NEVER disrupt the learning environment


    - If not seated by the 

     time the bell stops

    1. Sign Tardy Log 

    2. Quietly take your seat 

    3. 2nd Tardy: Warning call to parent/guardian 

    4. 3rd Tardy: Detention 

    5. 4th Tardy: Referred to counselor/assigned assistant principal/school social worker


    1. 1st: Check Google Classroom - 2nd (if needed): Ask TA -3rd (if needed): Ask me 2. See me for major assignments and projects

    PA System 

    1. When on, be silent 

    2. Hold all questions until the END of announcement(s)


    The teacher will dismiss you, NOT the bell

    Fire Alarm 

    1. Collect personal items 

    2. Leave as a group 

    3 Stand as a group 


    ***Teacher is not responsible for any devices (cell phones, laptop, headphones/earbuds, etc).  It is the responsibility of the student.

    Upon breaking classroom and STUDENT HANDBOOK rules, the following consequences will apply: 

    Verbal Warning 

    Teacher Consequence-contact parent 

    Increased Teacher Consequence-contact parent 

    Administration Referral 

    ***Extreme cases will result in an immediate referral to the discipline office. 



    Detention is 3:30 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. You should arrive promptly and remain the entire time.  Failure to report to detention on time will result in a referral to an administrator.  If you have a conflict with the dates assigned, please see the instructor prior to your assigned date(s).


    Late Assignments

    Each student is expected to complete all assignments in the allotted time.  Late assignments are accepted at the teachers discretion and may be penalized by not receiving full credit (highest grade earned will be 70%). 

    *Parents/Students please note: A FINAL date, which indicates that no more late/missing assignments will be accepted beyond this date, will be posted (on board/door/remind/and google classroom) mid semester and at the end of the semester.  At this point, students no longer have the option to turn in late/missed assignments.

    Make-up Policy

    IT IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO OBTAIN AND COMPLETE MAKE-UP WORKIf you have an excused absence, you will be allowed the same number of days as your absence in order to make-up for missed work.  Make-up workt be done before school, Instructional Focus (IF), or after school school, NOT during valuable class time.  


    Students/Parents can communicate with their teacher via email, Remind, or by contacting the school. Teacher will communicate via email, Remind, phone call, and/or text message.

    Re-do Policy

    If a student turns in an assignment that receives a failing mark, the student has the opportunity to redo the assignment.  The student must conference with the teacher within one week after receiving the assignment.  After conferencing with the instructor, the assignment will be given back to the student to redo.  The assignment must be completed and returned within one week after the conference.  Once the redo assignment is completed and corrected, it will be averaged with the original grade.  It is the student’s responsibility to take advantage of the redo policy.   A date, determined at the end of the marking period, will be posted on board and google classroom.  At this point, students no longer have the option to redo any assignment(s).


    Additionally, students may retake any assessment that is 70% or below.  Students may retake the assessment as many times as necessary to make a passing score.  However, after the first retake students will be required to complete a task, assigned by the teacher, related to the standard(s) addressed on the assessment before retaking the test again.  10% will be deducted from the highest score.

    *Each English teacher reserves the right to change or adjust any section of this course syllabus at any time during the year to  meet more adequately the needs, interests, abilities, and learning styles of students.




    *PLEASE SIGN & RETURN THIS PAGE ONLY-- Students will receive a copy of this page the first week of class) 


    TO MS. S PHILIP – Room #112 BY: Mon., Aug. 9, 2021




    I have read the following course requirements, classroom procedures and class rules and am aware that these are  the expectations of the teacher and class. I understand that it is my role as a student to comply with these  expectations.  

    Student Name (Print)_______________________________        Date____________________ Student Signature: ___________________________________________ 


    I have read the following course requirements, classroom procedures and class rules and am aware that these are  the expectations of the teacher and class. I understand that it is my role as a parent/guardian to ensure that my  student is in compliance with these expectations.  

    Parent Name (Print):_________________________________   Date:________________________ Parent Signature:____________________________________ Date:________________________ Parent Contact #1    Phone Number:_______________________________________________ 

                                                Parent Email:_______________________________________________ 

    Parent Contact #1    Phone Number:_______________________________________________ 

                                                Parent Email:_______________________________________________ 


    Parent(s), please complete the following THREE items: 

    (#1) Infinite Campus: 

    1. Access the gradebook (accessed through Infinite Campus) 
    2. Parents may request a username and password from a guidance counselor 

    (#2) See my webpage for code 

    1. Student 
    2. Parents may also sign-up (Make sure it is as a parent!)

    (#3) Google Classroom: parents may sign up for updates