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Fifth Grade- Supply List


    5th Grade School Supply List 21-22



     Elementary Art Supplies


    I am SO excited to get this year started! Below is a list of supplies we will need for this
    school year along with amazon links for you to reference and/or use; however most
    supplies can be found at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels and the dollar store.

    For the first 6 weeks we will only need these supplies:
    ● Paper
    ● Pencils
    ● Eraser
    ● Something to color with (Colored Pencils, Markers or Crayons)
    ● Ruler

    I will communicate in advance with you and your students when new supplies from the
    list provided or from around the home (i.e toilet paper roll, yarn, tinfoil, etc.) are needed.
    Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer!
    Ms. Clevenger

    Elementary Art Supply List

    ● Drawing Pad or Paper (Printer paper and a folder will be fine but please no
    notebook paper) 8x11 or 9x12
    ○ Amazon
    ● Drawing Pencils (Yellow wooden pencils will work just fine but no mechanical
    ○ Amazon
    ● Eraser
    ○ Amazon
    ● Ruler
    ○ Amazon Ruler Kit
    ● Washable Markers
    ● Colored Pencils
    ● Crayons
    ○ Amazon Coloring Set Sm
    ○ Amazon Coloring Set Lg
    ● Glue/Glue Stick
    ○ Amazon
    ● Assorted Construction Paper
    ○ Amazon
    ● Scissors (kid friendly)
    ○ Amazon
    ● Paint: Temper and Water colors
    ○ Amazon WaterColor
    ○ Amazon Tempera
    ○ Paint Brush
    ● Air Dry Clay
    ○ Amazon