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Girls R.I.S.E.

  • Woodland Middle School is excited to have a group for our young girls to target the unique challenges girls face. Girls R.I.S.E. (Girls Recognizing their Inner Strength and Excellence) will provide a safe space for girls in sixth through eighth grade to come together to participate in activities and discussions designed to boost self-esteem, create a sense of sisterhood and support, as well as providing the students with tips and tricks to confidently navigate the ups and downs of the girl world. In addition, the group will focus on helping students identify and understand common thoughts and feelings associated with topics that matter the most to them including friendships, pressures, confidence, social media, career, and goal setting.
    The goals of Girls R.I.S.E. are:
    • Boost self-confidence/esteem
    • Build a supportive network and sisterhood
    • Gain tools to overcome everyday obstacles
    • Learn key strategies for developing and maintaining positive relationships
    • Discover and develop her inherent strengths
    • HAVE FUN!
    If your daughter is interested in participating in this group, please have them complete this interest survey. I am looking forward to working with this wonderful group of girls as we work on creating a kinder girl world and providing opportunities for the girls to see that #togetherwerise. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email at or phone at 770-389-2774


    Click here to apply: Girls R.I.S.E. application



    Mrs. Bundrige