• **New Cheer Information**

    I am very excited to announce that we will be having LIVE tryouts for cheerleading this year!  I have coached cheerleading for 12 years.  This will be my 3rd year at OMS.  We have achieved COUNTY CHAMPION status for the past 4 consecutive years and many years prior to that! Listed below, you will find information that will assist you in adequately preparing for tryouts and having an idea of what to expect throughout the season.  MOST IMPORTANTLY...make sure PHYSICAL and online DRAGON FLY forms are up to date! The athletic fee covers you for all sports throughout the school year. SIDELINE tryouts will be May 13-14.  COMPETITION tryouts will be May 17-18.  Links for all material will be posted May 1.  Thanks for your interest in supporting our school and community!


    -Physical that is current (they are valid for 12 months from the day of completion). YOU CAN NOT TRY OUT WITHOUT A CURRENT PHYSICAL SO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT ASAP!

    -Forms completed in DRAGON FLY account; initiate one if you do not have one and complete all forms immediately.  Choose all sports that your child is interested in participating in throughout the school year.  Choose any cheer option that is available even if it states female and you are male. 

    -Acceptable grade standing as of 4/23/21.  May only fail ONE class out of the 4 academic classes and must have an average of 70 when connections are averaged.  Grades will be reviewed again in the fall to determine if you may remain on the team. 

    -Judging criteria includes knowledge of material, skills, technique, voice projection, sharpness, crowd appeal, smiles.  Jumps for each team.  Tumbling for competition. 

    -Attire:  cheer shorts or track shorts, no crop tops, tennis shoes, hair up, NO JEWELRY OR LONG NAILS ( per GHSA guidelines, you will be sent home)

    -Uniform fitting MAY 25 after school; will consult with school policy regarding parent attendance 


    -Toe Touch Jump

    -Band Dance (video will be provided)

    -Sideline Chant (video will be provided)

    -Games are at home on Tuesdays or Wednesdays at 5:30 PM

    -Practice will be after school 1-2 times a week; subject to change

    -Social Media Contract will be initiated



    -Cheer (video will be provided)

    -Dance (video will be provided)

    -Tumble- minimal skill expectation is round off double back handspring with round off back handspring back tuck being the goal; standing back handspring

    -Participants without the preferred expectations of tumbling will have to excel in other scored areas for consideration.  Applicants will be judged on jumps, cheer, dance, standing tumbling, running tumbling. VOICE PROJECTION, SMILES, SHARPNESS!!

    -Competitions are usually on Saturday from late September-mid November; does not interfere with ALL STAR competitions 

    -There will be an attendance policy as it is difficult to adequately prepare for competitions as a unit with absenteeism

    -Social Media Contract will be initiated

    -Practices are usually 2-4 times a week following school. If the practice schedule conflicts with ALL STAR, please see me for coordination. 


    -NO UNIFORMS OR ACCESSORIES WILL BE HANDED OUT WITHOUT BALANCE PAID IN FULL; $250 first installment will be due at uniform fitting session

    -New sideline uniform and warmup

    -Same competition uniform as last year 

    -Maximum financial obligation is $600 per team ( competition and sideline each) but we rarely reach that limit; optional purchases are not included in budget 

    - ALL CHEERLEADERS will have a MANDATORY ATHLETIC FEE that covers all other sports that they participate in for the school year (this it is NOT an isolated CHEER expense); this fee was $40 last year but subject to change

    -Planning on adding a stunt clinic for competition that would add to competition fees this year but $600 budget would remain in effect 

    -Fundraisers may occur but they will have to be initiated as soon as tryouts occur in order to apply them towards the uniform finance


    Feel free to email me with any additional inquiries!



    Coach Courtney Masters


    HCMSAL Back to Back
    County Champs!! 
Last Modified on May 19, 2021