• At Home Field Day May 17th, 18th and 19th 2021   

    Monday is Pre-k, K, 1st 

    Tuesday is 2nd and 3rd 

    Wednesday is 4th and 5th

    We miss you here at Tussahaw Elementary!  We wish you could be here but I am going to help you have a Great Field Day at home!

    Let’s start your Field Day with a warm up exercise video.  Click on link below and press play and follow along.  (If the video is blocked then play it on a non-school computer or Ipad or contact your teacher to unblock Youtube.)

    Then you will click on the Field Day at Home video to learn what equipment you will need and how to set up each field day event and how to do the activity. 

    After you do all the events that you want or have time to do there are other links to optional activities like dancing and yoga.

    Have Fun Today and if you can get some of your family doing it with you!


    Fun Exercise Video by Sweat Kids TV



    Click on the Youtube video below to start your At Home Field Day events.

    Pause the video when the man in the video posts all of the equipment needed for the events in the video.  Treat looking for the stuff like a scavenger hunt.  See how fast you can find everything on the list.

    In the description of the video there is timed links to skip ahead or go back to each game. I have also added it below.

    Watch how to do each event then stop the video and set up the equipment and get someone to time you if it is a timed event. The have fun doing each event. Then hit play again on the video to learn about the next Field Day event.  If you don’t have all the equipment to do every event the skip that event.   


    Conduct your own at home field day 0:00

    Virtual Field Day Introduction 0:47

    Equipment Needed 1:58

    Rules before each game 2:42

     Game 1: Soup Can Shuttle 3:13

    Game 2: Air Bag Shuttle Run 4:24

    Game 3: Sock Drop 6:03

    Game 4: 1 Bounce 6:37

    Game 5: Push it Real Good 8:22

     Game 6: Sponge Race 9:46

    Game 7: Roll the Die 11:51

    Game 8: Book Paddle 13:52

    Game 9: Trap it 15:30

    Game 10: Single Cup Tower 16:35

    Game 11: Pillow Case Race 17:56

    Game 12: Card Sort 19:19

     Game 13: Plank Challenge 20:21

    Game 14: Bag Juggle 21:39

    Game 15: Penny Drop Relay 23:19

    Game 16: Tic-Tac-Toe 24:07

    Game 17: Book Balance 25:18

    Game 18: Hat-Toss 26:58

    Game 19: Foot Juggle 27:32

    Game 20: Flip Bottle Shuttle Run 28:42

    Game 21: Sweep it 30:24

    Game 22: Unlock my Phone 31:53

    Game 23: Paper Run 33:34

    Game 24: Wave the Bag 35:15

    Certificate and Celebrate


    Kidz Bop Dance videos


    Cosmic Kids Yoga - Mindcraft