UGHS Student Leadership Scholarship

  • The recipient of the $500 UGHS Student Leadership Scholarship should demonstrate the attributes specific to Student Council’s mission: leadership, service, academic integrity, and exemplary representation of Union Grove High School’s spirit. The recipient is NOT required to have been an active member of Union Grove’s student council, but DOES have to have been enrolled in UGHS for the entire senior year.

    To apply for this scholarship, a student must meet the following criteria:

    1) be eligible to receive the HOPE scholarship

    2) submit a letter of reference from a faculty member which attests to the student’s eligibility for consideration

    3) submit a sponsor recommendation form (could be from the same person who submits the letter of reference but does not have to be)

    4) submit evidence of admission to a post-secondary institution for the upcoming fall

    5) submit a completed application by the due date.

    The scholarship recipient will be announced at the Union Grove Grandparent's Breakfast.

    Applications for consideration are due by Wednesday, April 27 by 4:00 pm.

Scholarship Application

  • All parts of the scholarship application must be received by Mrs. Eidson by April 27 at 4:00pm.  The application will include:

    1. Google Form Application, which will include:
      1. Applicant information
      2. Proof of admission to college listed on the application
      3. Evidence of your experience in leadership, service, and positive representation of UGHS
      4. Composition in which you discuss what you perceive as the UGHS “spirit"
    2. Letter of Recommendation
    3. Sponsor Recommendation Form:

    If you have any questions regarding the application or this process, please contact Mrs. Eidson at


Last Modified on April 9, 2022