Requirements to Hold Office

    • Must be a junior or senior to run for president or vice-president of the council.

    • Must be a current sophomore, junior, or senior for Student Council office

    • Must have been an active club member during the current school year to run for Student Council or Senior Class office

    • Must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher,

    • Must have no out of school suspensions or alternative school during the current year.

    • Must have no more than one office referral, including tardies.

    • Must abide by all rules and regulations of Henry County Schools and UGHS.

    • Must obtain three teacher recommendations.

    • Current officers must have fulfilled duties (including meeting attendance) in order to run for office for the next year

    Student Council and Class Officer Applications and required documents can be found here.

Student Council Officer Responsibilities

  • Student Council President:

    • Meet with the officers or share the weekly agenda prior to the official meeting

    • Demonstrate exemplary conduct, enthusiasm for the purpose of the council, and maintain academic integrity as a leader of the student body

    • Solicit and represent the student body’s concerns and interests

    • Meet with Council sponsor weekly

    • Manage committees for fundraising and activities

    • Determine council meeting agendas

    • Speak at honor’s night ceremony

    • Formally preside over the meetings

    • Call members who have missed excess amounts of meetings to discuss plans for better attendance

    • Attend/Participate in club activities

    Missing more than two meetings may result in removal from this office.

  • Student Council Vice-President

    • Solicit and represent the student body’s concerns and interests

    • Collaborate with President in the creation of each club meeting’s agenda

    • Assist the president in overseeing the fundraising activities and/or committees

    • Coordinate volunteer lists and contact volunteers for activities

    • Speak at the honor’s night ceremony

    • Formally preside over the meetings in the absence of the president

    • Attend/participate in club activities

    • Chair at least one committee

  • Student Council Treasurer:

    • Solicit and represent the student body´s concerns and interests

    • Help coordinate any planned fundraisers

    • Collect and write receipts for all money

    • Write deposits and check requests for sponsors’ signatures

    • Maintain an accurate ledger of expense and monies collected

    • Report each six weeks to the council any expenditures and a balance of the club’s account

    • Attend/participate in club activities


    Student Council Secretary:

    • Solicit and represent the student body´s concerns and interests.

    • Create and maintain council roster and attendance with monthly documentation in the club record book

    • Record the minutes of each meeting and make available in digital form

    • Keep an accurate record of member´s participation in activities

    • Type and edit correspondence and get approval from sponsors

    • Maintain contact with members of upcoming meetings and events

    • Attend/participate in club activities


    Student Council Historian:

    • Manage club announcements with the school (primary responsibility)

    • Maintain an updated bulletin board (primary responsibility)

    • Communicate with other clubs for co-sponsored events

    • Display flyers announcing upcoming meetings

    • Photograph activities and meetings of the club (primary responsibility)

    • Update the display cases in the school

    • Attend/participate in club activities

Class Officer Responsibilities

    • I will speak with my class sponsor at least once a month to verify any needed action or new information concerning my class officer responsibility.

    • If I miss more than two council meetings without a written excuse, I acknowledge that I can be removed from this office and I will not be eligible to run for office in the next school year.

    • If I miss half of the meetings, even with a written excuse, I will not be eligible to run for an officer position in the next school year.

    • I will assist with council activities including volunteering for occasional activities during my lunch and/or IF.

    • It is the expectation that class officers participate in and chair committees associated with student council activities and fundraisers.

Last Modified on April 9, 2022