• What is the Local School Council (LSC)?  

    Georgia law requires every school system to have a local school council operating in all elementary, middle, and high schools. The primary goals of the local school council is to bring schools and communities closer together, to make recommendations to solve educational problems, to help improve academic achievement, to provide support for teachers and administrators, and to involve parents in the school’s decision-making process. Indeed, we are a group of elected parents, faculty, staff, and business partners who are charged with responding to the needs and concerns of each of these groups.  Our local school council is an advisory group to the principal, and we can formally raise issues with Henry County Public Schools that, by practice and law, require an answer.   We are not a governing body, and we do not have decision-making authority, but we can influence decisions and policy through our recommendations.  We also do not raise funds, or have authority to say how funds are spent.  Our meetings are open for all interested parties to attend.

    Open Meetings Act

    The School Council is subject to Georgia's Open Meetings Act.  A meeting for the purposes of the Open Meetings Act is defined as a quorum of the voting members of the council at which any public matter, official business, or policy is to be formulated, discussed, presented, or voted upon.  A committee which is comprised of a majority of the voting members of the council is also subject to the Open Meetings Act.

    All meetings are open unless otherwise provided by law.  Regular meetings may be cancelled or postponed without notice.  The council must:

    • Post a public announcement of the times, dates and places of all regular meetings for the school year in a conspicuous location at the school and on the school council webpage located on the school's website;

    • Give written or electronic notice of the time, place, and date of a specific council meeting to the council members at last seven days prior to a regular meeting.

    Any parent, faculty or staff member, or community resident is welcome to meet with us to share ideas, questions, concerns, and possible solutions. Please fill out the request to present to the WCE School Council.