• Greetings 2nd Grade Students and Parents!

    As you are aware, we are going to all be remote/virtual from January 11th to January 22nd. That said, please check the county/school website periodically to find out more information about the format of school after that time period.

    Below is a plethora of information that will be handy throughout the next two weeks. A video link is included with step-by-step instructions on how to join Google Classroom. Your child will join class daily at 7:45AM and dismiss at 2:20PM. Also, included are instructions on how to switch to their connections class at 11:45AM each day. Lastly, please review the attendance policy information, remote learning expectations, and our daily schedule below. 

    **Important Attendance Information**

    Students will only be marked present one of two ways.

    1. Logged into the Google Meet participating each day from 7:45AM-2:20PM, and completing in class assignments.

    2. Student who may have missed class can be marked present if they watch the uploaded videos for each subject (available in Google Classroom), and complete the exit ticket for each subject taught that day.

    **NOTE** Students have 2 DAYS to watch videos and turn in completed exit tickets if they want to be marked present for a day they were not logged into the meet. Otherwise, their attendance will still be marked as absent.

    Thank you for taking the time to read through this information! I look forward to teaching your children each day. 

    Classroom Expectations

    Class Schedule