• Character Education Words for 2020 - 2021

    (Knight of the Month)


    August – Responsibility 

    (Be accountable for your choices; Think before you act – consider the consequences; Persevere: keep on trying!)


    September – Cooperative 

    (The ability to control one’s feelings and behaviors in order to make good decisions)


    October – Respect 

    (Treat others with courtesy and honor; Be tolerant of differences; Deal peacefully with anger, insults and disagreements)


    November – Compassion 

    (The quality of being considerate, courteous, helpful and understanding of others)


    December - Creative 

    (Using one’s imagination or original ideas in art, music or academics)


    January – Honesty 

    (Be truthful in what you say and do; Be reliable - do what you say you will do; Have the courage to do the right thing)


    February – Self Control 

    (Working together toward a common goal; Do your share to make our school and classrooms better)


    March – Courageous 

    (Being brave in difficult times and/or situations)