• Mrs. Curtis (previously known as Ms. J) is entering her 15th year of teaching.  Having wanted to be a teacher since she was in 3rd grade, teaching is her dream job.  Mrs. Curtis enjoys learning from and with her students each day and believes you can never stop learning.

    Mrs. Curtis earned her Bachelor's of Science degree in Elementary K-6 Education from St. Petersburg College in Florida.

    She has taught 1st-5th grades as well as gifted classes in 4 schools, 3 districts, and 2 states.

    Personal Life

    Mrs. Curtis was born in Maryland, grew up in New Jersey, moved to Florida, and is now settled in Georgia.  She has a wodnerful new husband and two grown daughters- Kayla (22) and Isabel (nearly 19).  She is a very proud mommy and enjoys sharing stories about her family.