• Constitution for the Georgia chapter at

    Woodland High School


    Article I: Name, Purpose, Classification

    Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Woodland High School Anime Club, also referred to as Chibi-Igairu Anime Club.

    Section 2. The purpose of this organization is to study and discuss Asian culture, art, media, and languages.
    To introduce the campus to other cultures and ideas. To help breed a better understanding of people and culture and to remove stereotypes and race-based judgment.

    To introduce the campus, community, and members to Asian animation, and to help those peoples understand the ideas presented therein. To hold events with interest to the campus, community, and members within the scope of Anime Club’s purpose


    Section 3. Only Anime deemed appropriate by club officers for this school organization will be screened during any official club function, excluding any X-rated, adult-only, or pornographic-related features, this also include activities, music and so fourth.



    Article II: Membership


    Section 1. All WHS students with an interest, love, or curiosity for Anime and Asian culture are eligible to be voting members and to hold office in the WHS Anime Club.

    Section 2. No person shall be denied membership on the basis of sex, color, race, religion, or any other area of diversity. The Club complies with Titles 6 and 9 of the Federal Education Amendment.

    Section 3. There shall be a required due for all members including officers, the dues are $2 for the first meeting and there after only $1.



    Article III: Officers


    Section 1. The officers of the WHS Anime Club shall be President, Vice President, Treasurer, Membership, Man at Arms, AND Activities Director.

    Section 2. The President is the public representative of this organization. The President will be responsible for any dealings with the Woodland High School administration, as well as the community at large. Additionally the President shall be responsible for running weekly meetings, and in all other ways, insuring the smooth functioning of the club.

    Section 3. The President is empowered to delegate responsibilities to other officers of the club for times not to exceed the President's term of office. The President is also empowered to appoint members of the club to fulfill special roles, as needed, for times not to exceed the President's term of office.

    Section 4. The Vice President shall be responsible for yearly constitutional revue. The Vice President is also responsible for aiding the President in insuring the smooth functioning of the club. In the event that the President is temporarily unable of fulfilling his or her responsibilities, the Vice President shall assume the responsibilities of the President as needed, until such time as the President can assume his or her role.

    Section 5. The Treasurer shall be responsible for managing club funds. The Treasurer will be concurrently responsible with the President for the running of any events that make the use of club funds. In the event that both the President and the Vice President are temporarily unable of fulfilling their responsibilities, the Treasurer shall assume the responsibilities of the President as needed, until such time as either officer can assume his or her role.


    Section 7. The person in charge of Membership will be responsible for signing in the club members as well as recruiting new members.


    Section 8. Man at Arms deals with conflict resolutions and enforces the rules and regulations of the club.


    Section 9. The Activity director will be in charge of planning activities for the club with the president and vice president, they will also be in charge of getting certain things together that the club may need.


    Section 10.The officers shall be elected by a simple majority of the voting members present at the meeting designated for elections. The elections may be held in the beginning or end of the fall or spring semesters, based on the needs of the club.

    Section 11.The term of office for this organization shall be one academic year.

    Section 12. Any officer of the anime Club may be removed from office by a majority vote of the members present at the meeting designated for voting for or against said officer. An officer may be removed only when there is another member willing to be in the said position.

    Section 13.In the event of removing an officer or of an officer resigning his/her position, special elections shall be held the day of resignation or removal. A new officer will be elected by majority of the vote by present members.



    Article IV: Meetings


    Section 1. The WHS Anime Club shall hold weekly meetings, at a regular time and place that is publicized to the campus and the club members.


    Section 2. Additional events may be proposed by any member present at an official meeting, to be adopted by a majority vote of members present.





    Article V: Advisor


    Section 1. The Advisor to the WHS Anime Club shall be a full-time staff member at WHS


    Section 2. The Advisor shall advise the officers of the organization on the School objectives and regulations and can over rule any club officer.


    Article VI. Voting Procedures

    A simple majority of those members present at the meeting is required to pass a motion or legislation or to remove an officer from position or to elect a new officer.




    Article VII. Amendments

    The constitution may be amended by a majority vote of the members of the organization.

    Article VIII. Liability Waiver

    Woodland High School
    will not be held responsible in the event of injury or damage to any person or property as the result of an organization-sponsored activity.



Last Modified on May 28, 2010