OMS Counseling Department Belief Statements

  • The School Counselors at Ola Middle School believe:


    • In the achievement of every student’s highest level of academic, career, social and emotional success.

    • That every student will be met with a certified professional school counselor who will implement a comprehensive school counseling program to address students’ developmental needs.

    • In advocating for every student in providing a safe and nurturing environment by collaborating with stakeholders to promote communication and support.

    • That certified professional school counselors will participate in the development, delivery and evaluation of the comprehensive school counseling program.

    • In analyzing data to ensure a relevant comprehensive counseling program is data-driven.

    • In utilizing ASCA Ethical Standards as a guideline for the school counseling program to ensure that the lessons and interactions align with the moral principles outlined while contributing to the overall development of every student.

Last Modified on October 9, 2020