• We will follow the CDC guidelines for youth sports:

    Paw   Stay home if sick

    Paw   Reduce physical closeness; keep 6 feet of space between players; social distancing while not actively engaged in play

    Paw   Wear a mask if possible

    Paw   Players will clean their hands before and after practices, games, and sharing equipment

    Paw   Players will not share water bottles; bring your own water bottle

    Paw   Equipment will be disinfected every day

    Paw   Limiting any nonessential visitors and spectators

    Paw   Players will avoid high fives, handshakes, fist bumps or hugs

    Paw   Players will wait in car or away from the playing area until just before the warm-up period or the beginning of  games;     avoid congregating in the parking lot or near playing areas before or after games

    Paw   Allow other teams to leave playing areas before entering the gym

    Paw   Tell a coach or staff member if you don’t feel well


    Team practice games/training guidelines:

    Temperature checks

    • Note: Any temperature 100.4 F or greater is considered a fever. Your athlete will not be permitted to practice or play if they have a temperature

    The following questions will be asked of you daily -

    • Do you or have you had a fever in the last week?
    • Have you had any respiratory or flu-like symptoms in the last week (coughing, vomiting, sore throat, nausea, shaking with chills, and/or loss of smell)?
    • Have you been diagnosed with COVID-19?
    • Have you been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19?
    • Have you traveled to a “hot spot” for COVID-19?
Last Modified on August 25, 2021